Learning Through Music at Forest Lake Childcare

At Joseph Banks Education & Childcare we value providing children with the tools to learn HOW to learn. We’ve found that one of the best ways to encourage the early learning process is through music.

Our Forest Lake early childhood educators take every opportunity to inspire children’s learning through singing, dancing, playing simple musical instruments or through other musical activities.

This includes drumming on pots and pans, listening to live performances, or even singing while we prepare food or wash our hands.

While exposure to music at an early age can be a valuable asset in its own right, research shows that a music driven curriculum actually helps further develop and improve children’s socialisation, reading skills, math skills and problem solving.

So, rather than teaching ‘music’ as a seperate subject, we believe it’s important to incorporate music into the daily program, in order to boost critical learning skills and dispositions.

As Bonkers Beat Music & Wellbeing Program Founder, Galina Zenin says, “… the main focus of music is not to play an instrument in a band or to sing in an opera. The main purpose of teaching music is to enrich the whole child, develop their cognitive abilities, increase their learning capacity and enhance the quality of their life.”

In order to give every child who walks through our doors the best chance in life, we look forward to developing more ways of integrating music into our Early Birds Education & Childcare curriculum.