Curriculum learning through play at Forest Lake Childcare

You’ve probably heard the Educators at Joseph Banks Education & Childcare speak about “play-based learning”. You might even be wondering what this is all really about and no, it’s NOT just another term for “child-minding”.

Early Birds Education & Childcare believe that it’s absolutely vital to have the support and involvement of families in their child’s learning journey. This means, ensuring all parents and guardians are able to understand the reasons for early childhood education and the standards to which our Educators try to meet on a daily basis.

While this may seem obvious, we actually put a lot of thought into creating an environment which will most effectively produce stimulating and educational learning exeriences. Of course, this has to be FUN for all parties involved 🙂

Our super little early birds “paint” the fence with some creative water play!

Recently, we organised an “outdoor painting day” which incorporated many of the areas we try to cover, to ensure that every participating child’s mental, emotional, social and physical development is considered and pushed to grow!

We set out specific GOALS which are determined using a combination of curriculum outcomes, frameworks and theories. This means planning and providing meaningful learning experiences:

  • Which are based off of a curriculum that’s developmentally appropriate and relevent to current early childhood trends and research.
  • Which are based on our observations of each individual child’s interests and learning.
  • Which foster the development of confidence, independence, a healthy self-image, a sense of self-worth and assist each child to regard themselves as an individual.
  • Which ensure each child’s multi-cultural needs are met, nurtured and celebrated.
  • Which develop the “whole child” socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically and spiritually.
  • Which give children the opportunity to build fundamental skills, to be creative, to be expressive and to acquire new information and knowledge through the use of language, physical activity, play materials, arts and music.
  • Which give children the opportunity to develop an active curiosity about the world and an enthusiasm for learning, based on the child’s personal satisfaction and involvement.
  • Which ensures each child feels safe, secure and loved while participating both individually and in a group.
  • Which ensures parents and guardians feel involved and that they are able to work together with Educators.

Miss Kay provides a helping hand during our “foot-print painting” activity.

A little dip in some paint!

By going through these processes, we strive to get each child working to his or her fullest potential and feeling good about themselves when the time to start school rolls around.

While we can’t expect all children to reach the same level at the same time due to the unique capabilities of each child, we can strive to provide an environment in which all children feel free to explore, participate and learn without failure.

To do so, we as Early Childhood Educators must provide an environment:

  • Which encourages play based learning, so that children are able to participate in activities through “active learning”, based on their interests and curiosities.
  • Which is welcoming, safe, fun and caters for the needs and interests of all individual children.
  • Where children are able to think for themselves and learn with, as well as, from one another.
  • Where parents and guardians feel supported and included.
  • Where everyone within the learning community is able to feel happy and celebrate all milestones and experiences, no matter how big or small.

Acheron focuses on his “water painting” brush stokes!

All in all, “Kindy” is the first fundamental educational setting for your child before school. It is a place soley created to encourage child’s play, whether that be structured or improvised. It is a place in which they are able to make sense of their world, gain early insights, and develop life-long skills for the future.

We look forward to continue giving each child the best in early childhood education and care and to building many more memories and long lasting relationships with each family that walks through our doors.