Forest Lake Childcare Celebrates the Year of the Monkey

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, also the year of the monkey, our little monkeys explored the Chinese culture by making some delicious fried rice!

Together we leanred that fried rice has many variations and that Chinese Fried Rice recipes are the most popular of all! We learned that each variation has it’s own ingredients and styles of cooking and in Chinese cooking itself, there are several variations; including egg, chicken and vegetable fried rice.

This experience offered the children an exciting opportunity to extend and enrich their understanding of diversity and the world they live in. Through food preparation and cooking, they were able to observe the variety of ingredients, assist in the cooking process, taste the different flavours and learn new skills as they were introduced to new food types, textures, aromas and colours!

While the children participated in this shared experience, helping the Educator’s measure and count ingredients, they further developed their cooperation skills, their confidence, their curiosity, and their sense of belonging to a group. Interacting with each other also enhanced their verbal skills and enabled them to share new understandings together. They showed absolute delight and amazement as they observed each part of the process unravel before their very eyes!

Of course it was a very yummy end to a very fun and educational day!